• Leading the birth of the Genesis brand, the G80 was released under its current name since the introduction of the second-generation product enhancement model in 2016, which followed the first generation in 2008 and the second generation in 2013. 
  • A redesigned version of the third-genernation G80 was launched in December 2023, featuring elevated designs and improved product quality. 
  • The G80 boasts a dynamic yet elegant exterior with the most impeccable proportions that a rear-wheel-drive sedan can offer. 
  • A 27-inch integrated wide display adds a high-tech sensibility to the spacious and luxurious interior. 
  • Customer convenience and safety specifications have been reinforced with features such as the 3-zone air ventilation system and indoor fingerprint authentication system, delivering a comfortable and advanced mobility experience.

Reveal dates are based on the Korean market. Specifications may vary depending on region.