SEOUL, Dec. 6, 2023 — Genesis isn’t just a luxury car brand. It’s a lifestyle brand dedicated to leaving an indelible mark on people’s lives by enriching customer experiences beyond the road.

Launched in mid-2021, the Genesis Boutique stands as a prime example of this bold commitment. The e-commerce platform offers a comprehensive range of high-quality merchandise and services that complement the distinct Genesis lifestyle, from specialized car accessories to exclusive wine-tasting events led by world-renowned sommeliers. 

Capitalizing on Customer Behavior Analytics 

When asked about the platform’s strengths, Sunyoung Lim, Deputy General Manager of the Genesis Ownership Value Team, who oversees the Genesis Boutique, immediately points to its utilization of customer behavior analytics, which helps the brand compile information on customer purchases and preferences to predict and recommend future choices. 



The technology, Lim highlights, played a key role in boosting the monthly average number of transactions by 40-fold compared to the brand’s previous online mall, increasing from approximately 700 cases to 28,000. 

The website today attracts nearly 950,000 monthly visits and 370,000 users. 

“It's a win-win,” says Lim. “We improved user convenience by providing services at the precise moments our customers needed them and [anticipating their needs] based on their lifecycles, even before they explicitly expressed their choices.” 

Skillfully Crafted Goods

A wide selection of meticulously crafted Genesis-branded merchandise is offered at Genesis Boutique, including car accessories and camping and golf gear. 

In the Genesis Collection section, golf bags, golf balls, foldable camping seats, keychains and diffusers are sold, just to name a few. In the Genesis Accessory section, users can purchase coat hangers, plastic cargo boxes, ash trays and leather key covers, some specifically tailored for each car model. 

In the Genesis Curation section, over 400 lifestyle products curated from environmentally conscious brands that align with Genesis’ dedication to sustainability are showcased. Each item is presented with compelling storytelling that emphasizes its eco-friendliness and convenience. 

Handmade products from the Seoul-based leather shop hevitz, for instance, feature mostly bags and wallets, some of which were made out of leftover leather sourced from the Genesis flagship sedan G90.



Exclusive Benefits for Genesis Owners 

Some benefits are exclusive to Genesis owners. 

The platform offers Genesis owners unique opportunities to apply for a chance to attend sports and cultural events — recitals by world-acclaimed pianists Seongjin Cho and Lang Lang, a wine-tasting session led by a member on the Robert Parker Wine Advocate reviewer team and Genesis-sponsored golf tournaments. 

Within six months from the vehicle delivery date, Genesis owners can sign up to receive a free gift package containing Genesis-branded lifestyle goods such as a drip coffee set or a wine carrier that comes along various other accessories.  

Other perks offered to new Genesis owners include body coats, annual memberships at partnered hotels across the country and subscriptions to lifestyle magainzes. In the longer run, Genesis owners can sign up for similar benefits at special discounts.



Eyeing Future Growth 

Going forward, Lim says her team is seeking even more ways to improve the website — like expanding services to global audiences next year. 

“More than two years after launching Genesis Boutique, we’ve examined the evolving preferences of our users to better understand their likes and dislikes,” she says. “We’ll continue to refine our services to exceed the expectations of our creative and forward-thinking customers, empowering them in a pursuit of a more enriching lifestyle.”