SEOUL, Jan. 11, 2022 — Genesis announced Tuesday that four of its creations had gained recognition at the 2021 Good Design Awards, further proof of the brand’s outstanding leadership in the world design scene. The GV70, the X Concept, the Genesis EV Home Charger and the Genesis Wireless EV Charging System all took away honors in the transportation category. 

The Good Design Awards, presented annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press, have acknowledged the brand’s design competitiveness for the seventh consecutive year. Genesis also won Good Design awards in 2015 for the G90, in 2016 for the Vision G Concept, in 2017 for the G80 Sport and GV80 Concept, in 2018 for the G70 and Essentia Concept, and in 2019 for the G90 and Mint Concept. In 2020, accolades went to the G80, the GV80, and the Copper Design theme used in the Genesis infotainment system. 

The GV70 is an SUV inspired by the Genesis design philosophy of “Athletic Elegance.” The Parabolic Line that begins at the top of the Quad Lamps and runs deftly along the side of the SUV creates a dramatic contrast with the muscular rear fenders. The sleek coupé-like roofline and the chrome line that slopes toward the C-pillar help give the vehicle a distinctive appearance that is both sporty and powerful. 

At the rear, super-slim Quad Lamps form the Two Lines that the brand is known for. With all its functional elements built into the bumper, the SUV achieves a clean, uncluttered look. The rear also features subtle details such as a G-Matrix Pattern on the bumper. 

The GV70’s interior exhibits a design philosophy called the "Beauty of White Space,” which seeks to maximize passengers’ comfort and convenience. 

The Genesis X Concept is an electric version of the Gran Turismo concept car. It uses Genesis’ core design element, the Two Lines, to present a vision for the future of electric vehicle design. The Two Lines design can be seen throughout the car’s interior and exterior, even the electric charging port. 

The front of the Genesis X Concept is low and wide. It harmonizes with the Crest Grille, the Two-Line headlights and the double-layered bumpers. The Two-Line Quad Lamps exemplify the best of the brand’s leading design and technology. 

The side follows the traditional Gran Turismo model design with a long hood and a short rear, and the Two-Line lamps leading to the headlamps and taillights are impressive. The Parabolic Line that runs along the side creates a dynamic, elegant impression with the voluminous fender. The oval wedge at the rear of the car exudes sleek simplicity. 

The interior features a cockpit-inspired design, which means the operating systems and displays surround the driver. The Beauty of White Space is evident here as well. 

The Genesis X Concept also demonstrates sustainable luxury by incorporating upcycled leather scraps from the vehicle production process into the seat belts, steering wheel and airbag covers. 

“We are greatly honored to be recognized by the Good Design Awards for these very important vehicles and innovations,” said SangYup Lee, executive vice president and head of the Genesis Global Design Center. “This honor speaks to the outstanding work of our design dream team, who put their passion and their hearts into this project, and also our R&D center engineers. They made this achievement together. It also reflects the competitiveness of the Genesis Two Lines design identity in the global marketplace.” 

Meanwhile, the Genesis Wireless EV Charging System and the Genesis EV Home Charger were recognized for their human-centered design. The Genesis Wireless EV Charging System offers a seamless experience with an app that provides real-time information about charging status and more. The Genesis EV Home Charger reflects the brand’s signature look while delivering unparalleled convenience. By adding a reel so the cable can be rewound smoothly, Genesis has made the device safer than others on the market. Functional design features such as the canopy, the adjustable stand to suit drivers of different heights, and RFID authentication make it stand out further. 

Since its inception in 1950, the Good Design Awards have recognized excellence in design throughout the world. Its aim is to raise awareness about contemporary design — to honor innovators in design and manufacturing, as well as their products.