• Award recognizes Genesis' distinctive brand experiences embodying Korea’s unique identity
  • Global Head of Genesis Mike Song credits top technology and quality at award ceremony, highlights 1 million sales 

SEOUL, Jan. 15, 2024 — Genesis has been honored with a prestigious award from the Seoul-based Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) in recognition of its global efforts to enhance Korea’s reputation through distinctive luxury brand experiences. 

The Korea Image Stepping Stone Award was presented to Mike Song, Global Head of Genesis, at the 2024 Korea Image Awards sponsored by Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held at the InterContinental Seoul COEX hotel on Jan. 10. 

In a statement, CICI lauded Genesis for playing a “pivotal role” in elevating Korea’s prestige on the global stage by providing unique brand experiences that “encapsulate [Korea’s] unique identity, reflecting the Korean beauty and emotion such as the ‘Beauty of White Space.’” 

On stage, Song expressed gratitude to his colleagues at Genesis and vowed to resonate with the hearts of every customer worldwide as the brand expands beyond its current presence in 19 markets. 

When Genesis “came into this world in November 2015, there was a mix of support and concerns from many people who questioned whether the luxury brand, particularly in the luxury auto sector, could genuinely secure a place in the hearts of customers,” remarked Song. 

“We have always prioritized providing customers with the most comfortable and safest means of transportation in the world, consistently striving for cutting-edge technology and perfect quality,” Song continued, adding, “As a result, we achieved a significant milestone of 1 million units last year, after just seven years and 10 months [since the brand came into existence].” 

When asked by CICI President Jungwha Choi about the concept of the Beauty of White Space, Song replied that Genesis diligently endeavors to encapsulate the “beauty of restraint” derived from Korean aesthetics in its car designs, ultimately aiming to create “subtle elegance.” 

Among the other recipients of the 2024 Korea Image Awards was distinguished Swiss architect Mario Botta, honored with the Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award for his design contributions to several Korean landmarks, including the Leeum Muesum of Art. French pansori (traditional Korean narrative singing) performer Laure Mafo received the Korea Image Flowerstone Award, while Korean operatic pop tenor Lim Hyung-joo was presented with the Korea Image Capstone Award in recognition for his pioneering role in popularizing operatic pop in the country and gaining worldwide fame with his music.

Established in 2003 and registered under Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CICI is a non-profit organization dedicated to public diplomacy and the promotion of Korean culture. The annual Korea Image Awards, initiated in 2005, recognizes individuals, groups and organizations for their contributions in enhancing Korea’s global reputation.