SEOUL, August 5, 2020 Genesis announced that the brand earned four 2020 Red Dot Awards today. The brand was recognized with four awards within the Interface, Retail and Spatial Communication design sub-categories. 

Interface Design 

Genesis took home a win in Interface & User Experience Design for its ‘Copper Design’ Infotainment System featured on the all-new G80 and GV80. This marks the brand’s first win in such a category following a years-long development effort and all-new system aimed to give users an unparalleled and seamless experience. 

The Genesis Infotainment System’s ‘Copper Design’ provides optimized visibility and usability while driving, using a sophisticated theme that reflects the brand’s luxury identity. Augmented Reality-based navigation, Car Pay, Valet Mode and Home-to-Car communications also utilize the theme for a consistent user experience. The system also provides wireless updates for customers’ continued satisfaction. The system was introduced on GV80 and G80 this year to great acclaim and customer satisfaction. 

Retail Design 

Genesis also won in the Retail Design – Showroom category for its brand experience center, Genesis Studio Hanam. Opened in 2016, Genesis Studio Hanam is designed as an open space devoid of purchase pressure, altogether different from existing car showrooms. It has succeeded as an innovative platform to host special exhibitions, new model presentations and concept car debuts. 

Spatial Communication – Light Installation and Event Design 

Additional awards were received for special exhibitions presented at Genesis Studio Hanam for the G90 and the Mint Concept within Red Dot Awards’ ‘Spatial Communication - Light installations (The G90) and Event Design (The Mint Concept)’ category. 

The new G90, the brand’s luxury flagship sedan launched in 2019 and was exhibited in Genesis Hanam in the “Complete Your Style: G90” display, an interactive media art installation. Genesis designed the space in such a way that encourages audiences’ active participation. When a visitor stepped into the specially built zone in the center of the studio, the surrounding walls of the zone immediately turned into a particular color of the person’s outfit, which was automatically recognized by a sensor. 

The Mint concept, the battery-powered, two-door concept car premiered in New York in 2019, was also exhibited at Genesis Studio Hanam. At the Mint exhibition, Genesis set the stage in such a way that deliberately highlighted the vehicle size. The stage where the vehicle was parked and surrounded in black, gave off an industrial atmosphere to suit the image of a cool city car. The video projection on the walls–which played clips from the global media debut of the Mint Concept held in the Hudson Yards in New York-featured a fashion show with runway models clad in designer clothes, along with contemporary choreographers and DJs engaged in a unique performance before the main showcase. The exhibition invited the visitors to take souvenir photographs of themselves next to the vehicle and encouraged them to simultaneously view their images on a display panel located in the studio. 

Launched in 1955, the Red Dot Awards, along with the iF and IDEA Design, are considered the world's top three design competitions. Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany hosts the awards every year, judging entries for Product Design, Brand & Communication, and Design Concept.