SEOUL, Aug. 2, 2023 — Safe driving is never confined to high speeds alone. Even in parking lots, where young children, shopping cars and bouncing balls can appear unexpectedly from any direction, driving at slower speeds requires an equal amount of vigilance. 

This is why Genesis offers advanced technologies to assist drivers in parking seamlessly, ensuring that each journey concludes intact. 

Protection Against Rear-Side Collisions 


In case the vehicle is in reverse, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) notifies drivers of approaching traffic from both the left and right sides of the rear with audible and visual display warnings, compensating for potential blind spots caused by adjacent vehicles. When an imminent collision is sensed, braking is applied. 

As the vehicle backs up, Rear Guide Lamp projects lights from rear LED guide lamps onto the road, alerting other vehicles and pedestrians to minimize the risk of accidents. 

Safe Exit Assist sounds an alert when it detects vehicles approaching from behind as a passenger attempts to open the door to exit the vehicle. If a potential risk of a rear-side collision is identified, the system prevents the doors from opening, even if the door open button is pressed. 

Effortless Parking With Smart Technology


In tight parking spaces where entering or exiting a car can be a challenge, nothing is more convenient than Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA). 

RSPA comes with four key functions. One is remote forward and reverse, which allows drivers to use their smart keys to move the Genesis forward or backward in small parking spaces. Rear perpendicular parking and rear parallel parking are also allowed from within the car or outside the vehicle. The smart exit function enables drivers to exit a parallel-parked vehicle while inside. 

In addition to these four functions, the G90 is equipped with an additional feature for rear cross-traffic parking, collectively forming the RSPA 2 system. Unlike the previous RSPA, which could only park in spaces between parked vehicles, RSPA 2 is capable of identifying parking lines and can park in spaces where there are no adjacent vehicles. 

Twelve ultrasonic sensors and four wide-angle cameras are utilized for RSPA 2, applied to the front, sides and rear of the G90. 

Disclaimer: Specifications may vary depending on region. Please contact your local Genesis retailer for more information.