SEOUL, Oct. 13, 2023 — Global events, be it sports tournaments, film festivals or intergovernmental conferences, often wield immeasurable influence on the world. Their successful execution hinges on meticulous logistics and a collaborative effort from leading companies that offer exceptional services to set the stage. 

Over the years, Genesis has enhanced numerous prestigious venues with its luxury vehicles, escorting world leaders and top celebrities down red carpets as they embarked on their historic journeys. In these pursuits, Genesis didn’t merely witness history; it actively molded it as a pioneering advocate for innovation, cooperation and a transformative future. 

At the forefront of the brand’s chauffeur sponsorships is the G90, renowned for its sophisticated aesthetics and spacious interior. 

Where Luxury Meets Technology 

Just as recently as early October, the G90 was among some 110 Genesis cars sponsored for the 28th Busan International Film Festival, Korea’s largest movie event held in the nation’s second biggest city, to chauffeur movie directors and actors. 

The flagship model, often dubbed the “CEO car,” comes equipped with a wide array of technological features that ensure the highest level of comfort. 

The rear seats of the G90 and G90 Long Wheel Base (LWB) version boast a reclining angle of 42 degrees and 45 degrees, respectively, allowing passengers to lie in a comfortable position for the entire car ride. When the footrest and leg rest are extended, an integrated structure ensures full-body support, guaranteeing the utmost comfort. The G90 also incorporates a massage function that alleviates passenger stress while on the move.


In the back of the front-row seats, there are touch screen monitors that come with Mood Curator, allowing passengers to select the music, lighting, curtain, massage functions and even scent of their liking based on four different modes: “vitality,” “delight,” “care” and “comfort.” Furthermore, passengers can tailor the settings to align with their unique seating preferences. 

The Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Preview-ECS) system optimally controls the suspension based on road information obtained through front cameras and navigation data. 

Multi-Chamber Air Suspension enables the adjustment of air spring stiffness with three chambers, ensuring optimal ride comfort and driving stability, whether at regular speeds or in excess of 120 kilometers per hour. This works as the air volume in the front and rear chambers is fine-tuned depending on the selected driving mode. 

The synergy of these two suspension technologies is most effective when driving over speed bumps or rough terrain. The dampers and air springs, for instance, soften as the front and rear wheels approach a speed bump, causing the front end of the vehicle to rise by 10 millimeters when the car is about 100 meters ahead of the speed bump. The dampers and air springs firm back up as the wheels descend, minimizing vibrations.



As with sound, the G90 is outfitted with a Bang & Olufsen audio system that provides an unparalleled audio experience fit for its chauffeur-driven passengers. It’s also the world’s first vehicle equipped with Virtual Venues, a virtual 3D surround sound system that can simulate the sound field characteristics of famous theaters to create an environment of vivid sounds, such as the Boston Symphony Hall. 

The speaker system comes equipped with Active Road Noise Control (ANC-R), which emits counteracting sound waves through the speakers to effectively reduce road-generated noise. This feature complements the extensive use of sound-absorbing materials in critical areas of the vehicle. 

Setting the Green Standard at G20 Bali



Other than the G90, 44 units of an exclusively produced extended wheelbase version of the Electrified G80 were supported for the G20 Summit held in Bali, Indonesia in November 2022, backing the Summit’s focus on energy security and the transition to lower carbon energy systems. 

These extended wheelbase models were part of a larger Hyundai Motor fleet of 393 electric vehicles sponsored for the event, including 87 Electrified G80 models. The Electrified G80 extended wheelbase cars were set aside as official VIP vehicles, while the Electrified G80 cars were used mainly for protocol, security and rescue. 

Disclaimer: Specifications may vary depending on region. Please contact your local Genesis retailer for more information.