SEOUL, July 12, 2023 — At Genesis, an unwavering commitment to safety excellence stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating a secure environment for both drivers and pedestrians. By innovating standards for the future and introducing cutting-edge safety enhancements to its vehicle fleet, Genesis strives to minimize the risk of car accidents as much as possible. 

Instant Safety Response

Genesis' dedication to safety shines brightest during moments of emergency. Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB), for instance, tightens and firmly secures passengers in the front row when the emergency brake is activated or when the vehicle senses a loss of control. 

In the event of a collision, the center-side airbag in the front seats inflates in less than a second along with at least seven other interior airbags, while the restraint system’s smart mechanism instantly processes data from the accident to determine and apply the suitable airbag pressure. (There are eight airbags in the GV70 and Electrified GV70, and 10 airbags in the GV60, GV80, G70, G80, Electrified G80 and G90.)

Staying Ahead of Danger

While prioritizing the driver’s safety in the event of a collision is crucial, Genesis firmly believes that the ultimate solution lies in preventing accidents from happening in the first place. To this end, Genesis vehicles are delicately designed to assist in navigating changing road conditions through a range of proactive safety features, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted journey on every occasion.  



The safety systems help prevent collisions with objects both in front and behind while also providing driver alerts for any potential danger in blind spots. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) activates when the front vehicle abruptly decelerates or stops, and prevents collisions with pedestrians or cyclists who unexpectedly enter the vehicle’s path. 

Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA) not only detects and alerts a possible collision with another vehicle that’s out of sight, but also automatically activates the brake when a risk arises. 

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) alerts the driver when the car drifts into another lane without the use of a turn signal indicator and helps in steering them back to safety. Lane Following Assist (LFA) helps with lane centering.  

When Electronic Child Safety Lock is activated, the rear doors and windows cannot be opened from inside the vehicle unless the driver presses it back off.arises. 

Enhanced Highway Safety 

On the highway, Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2) maintains a set distance and speed from the vehicle in front, while offering support with lane changes when the turn signal is used as long as the driver maintains a grip on the wheel.



In case the driver momentarily loses focus while in traffic, the car will quickly re-engage their attention with an alert indicating that the vehicle in front has started moving forward. When the car detects further signs of inattentiveness, it suggests breaks to recharge. 

Even after the journey comes to an end, Genesis cars will sound an alarm to alert the driver about potential collisions from approaching vehicles behind. 

Disclaimer: Specifications may vary depending on region. Please contact your local Genesis retailer for more information.