• Newly designed G80 commences sales in Korea on Dec. 26, 2023 
  • Latest G80 embodies the brand’s design philosophy of “Athletic Elegance” with design upgrades, including MLA headlamps and new Two-Line Crest Grille 
  • Interior boasts a 27-inch-wide display and array of convenience features, such as Fingerprint Authentication system and heated armrest 
  • Newly designed G80 Sport features sportier aesthetics and Rear Wheel Steering (RWS), Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD) for improved high-speed driving stability and handling

SEOUL, Dec. 26, 2023 Genesis launched the newly designed G80 luxury sedan on Tuesday, now available for sale in Korea. 

Since its launch in 2016, the G80 has surpassed 400,000 units in global sales, significantly contributing as one of Genesis’ premier models. This success adds to Genesis’ total cumulative global sales of more than 1 million ever since the brand’s 2015 inception. (The G80 sales figure encompasses both the third-generation G80 and the Electrified G80.) 

The third-generation G80, launched in March 2020, earned global recognition for its excellence in design, performance and customer service. This latest iteration of the G80 launched today brings the stature of the luxury sedan to new heights. 

Exterior Design Upgrades in Detail 

The newly designed G80 boasts design upgrades down to the most minute details, capturing the essence of Genesis’ design philosophy, “Athletic Elegance.” 

The new dual-mesh design accentuates the sophisticated look of the Two-Line Crest Grille on the front, while the iconic Two-Line headlamps equipped with MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology underscore Genesis’ commitment to seamlessly blending in cutting-edge technology with elegant design. 

The 20-inch five double-spoke wheel design contributes to a dynamic aesthetic, reminiscent of an aircraft propeller, and strikes a perfect balance with the parabolic line of the car’s side profile. 

Rear diffusers with hidden mufflers sport a distinctive V-shape chrome trim inspired by the Crest Grille, reflecting an eco-friendly aspect of the sedan in the age of electrification. 

Interior: Seamless Integration of Technology and Design 

The interior of the G80 remains faithful to Genesis’ design ethos, embracing the uniquely Korean concept of the Beauty of White Space, all the while blending in advanced technology throughout the vehicle. 

The upgraded upholstery features high-quality stitching and materials from leather and aluminum to real wood. Design improvements also include a horn cover with the new Genesis emblem and two-tone steering wheel. 

The 27-inch-wide OLED display integrates the cluster and AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation) screen in a horizontal layout, through which various streaming services can be played. The display seamlessly extends to the center fascia, elevating its high-tech sensibility. 

The touch-based HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system thoughtfully offers drivers ease of control, while the redesigned crystal-like Shift By Wire (SBW) ensures a comfortable grip and adds a sense of luxury. 

In addition, the newly integrated Bang & Olufsen speaker system, designed in real aluminum finish, delivers audio of the highest caliber. The brightness of the mood lighting feature has also been improved with indirect lighting to cover a larger surface area, creating a relaxed and cozy ambience. 

The G80 is offered in 10 exterior color options, including the newly added Brooklyn Brown. The interior is available in five color options: black monotone, camel monotone, grey/beige two-tone, brown/blue two-tone, and black/red two-tone (G80 Sport exclusive). 

Enhanced Safety and Convenience Features 

The newly designed G80 offers improved convenience and safety features, enriching the overall driving experience. 

The car comes with an array of convenience features, including Digital Key 2, a Fingerprint Authentication System, UVC disinfection trays and heated armrest. Other notable additions include a 14.6-inch rear-seat display for streaming services. 

The “3-zone+ (3-zone plus)” HVAC system allows passengers to individually control airflow and temperature in three separate areas within the cabin: the driver’s seat, passenger seat and second row. 

Built-In Camera 2 provides improved image quality and recording capabilities. Hands On Detection (HOD) allows the vehicle to accurately detect when the driver is holding the steering wheel. 

The upgraded ADAS system is a combination of features that assist the driver, including Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2) and Front/Side/Rear Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA-F/S/R). This system autonomously assesses the driving environment and takes proactive measures to prevent accidents, ensuring drivers can consistently enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience. 

Additionally, a new passenger seat memory system, rear electric curtains, rear manually-controlled window curtains, and a multifunctional rear armrest controller have been standardized for the G80, further enhancing ride comfort. 

Powerful Driving Performance With Enhanced Handling 

The G80 comes in two powertrain options: a gasoline 2.5 turbo engine, which delivers a robust 304 horsepower (ps) and 43.0 kgf·m of torque; and a gasoline 3.5 turbo engine, which produces a maximum output of 380 horsepower (ps) and 54.0 kgf·m of torque. 

Genesis has also enhanced the G80’s driving dynamics to minimize the intrusion of road noise into the cabin, thereby improving the luxury sedan’s tranquility. 

The G80’s newly applied frequency-sensitive Shock Absorber responds delicately to the frequencies transmitted to the tire, adjusting based on the vehicle’s speed and the condition of the road surface. (Shock Absorber is replaced with Preview-ECS for gasoline 2.5 turbo with 20-inch wheels or gasoline 3.5 turbo models.) 

Alongside the inclusion of noise-absorbing tires (19-inch/20-inch), the G80’s ceiling structure has been optimized to reduce vibration and noise from both the road and wind. 

The G80 Sport: A New Level of Dynamism 

Genesis has also launched the G80 Sport package, distinguished by its dynamic design elements and enhanced driving performance capabilities. 

While the front end is equipped with MLA-powered LED headlamps, akin to the redesigned G80, the G80 Sport stands out with its Crest Grille, reinforced by a double-layered G-Matrix pattern and expanded air intakes that contribute to the car’s high-performance image. 

The pronounced design of the newly styled bumper and diffusers exudes sportiness at the rear, while the addition of black garnish embracing the rear end further accentuates the sport sedan’s silhouette and emphasizes its dynamic look. 

The G80 Sport offers exclusive interior packages, including a D-cut steering wheel and two types of carbon garnish (red/silver). 

In particular, the G80 Sport 3.5 turbo engine model is equipped with Rear Wheel Steering (RWS), which allows the car to steer the rear wheels in conjunction with the front axle. This feature facilitates smoother maneuvering in tight spaces and enables agile movements when changing lanes or avoiding obstacles at medium and high speeds. 

The Electronic-Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD) is another feature that allows optimized power delivery on both sides of the wheels for a more stable and dynamic control of cornering at high speeds. 

Also exclusive to the G80 Sport 3.5 turbo engine model are Michelin summer tires and the Sports+ driving mode, enabling more agile and dynamic driving. 

Disclaimer: Features and specifications may vary depending on region.